Error 487 0x01E7 Attempt to access an invalid address

Can somebody help me? After a Windows update, I cannot enter a dictionary CD born under Win 98, previously run also with my present OS Windows XP. Registry trouble? I tried to fix it with repairing software uncessfully.
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  1. Hi giopizz,

    I have researched several sites that all reached the same conclusion... you computer is likely infected by a rootkit virus or spyware.

    Two things to try:

    1. Read this Tom's Hardware thread from 2006 that deals with your error:

    2. Try this process:

    Restart your computer in 'Safe Mode with Networking Support'.
    (To do this: Power on your computer and start tapping the F8 key at the top of your keyboard rapidly until the Windows Start Menu appears. Then select the Safe Mode with Networking Support menu option and press the Enter key)

    Open your web browser and go to

    Download their free malwarebytes program from their main page

    Install the program on your computer and run it.

    Update the Malwarebytes program and do a full scan.
    (You may be asked to restart. Do so, but use F8 key to return to Safe Mode)

    Let us know the results of the scan and whether or not any symptoms persist and we will troubleshoot deeper.

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