nvraid fails to detect SATA drives

Following problem occured:
today I replaced the northbridge fan which I received as a replacement for the failing fan on this chipset. The new fan works now correctly but on start-up somehow my four SATA drives of 180GB each are not detected anymore by NVraid.

My system:
A8N-SLI delyxe ASUS mb
2 x 1GB 400MHz DDR ram on dual channel
AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual core 4400+
bios 1015
IDE 1 master 1 x 30GB hard drive with OS windows XP prof sp2
IDE 2 master and slave 2 CD/DVD writeables from Plextor
on SATA 1 to 4 connected to the NVidia chipset 4 harddrives of 180GB each

I checked everything, bios, drives, cables, connectors, etc.. drives are spinning, all connectors are in the right socket, in the right order, but upon startup I cannot even activate NVraid setup by pressing F10; in bios the NVraid is enabled, the corresponding drives (1st, 2nd, 3d and 4th SATA master), Silicon Image Sil Raid chip is disabled. And yes, the connectors are in the right NVraid sockets (the red ones, at the right of the black Sil Raid connectors), not the Sil Raid connectors on the mb.

And during boot I do not get the short message sayinh RAID drives detected... telling to press F10 for set-up.
I reloaded the nvidia raid drivers from cd, but no change.

I am totally lost; I did finally a reset of the bios, reset all settings incl the NVraid setup, no change. The motherboard does not detect the drives. Please help.
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  1. UPDATE!!

    Yesterday I have spent all dray trying to localize a this problem on my computer: the four 180Gb RAID-0 drives on my pc were not being recognized anymore. They are connected to the NVRAID connectors, with all bios settings correctly set for the drives in these connectors.

    All setting is the bios are correct, I updated the bios from 1015 to 1805, the drives are not even recognized at bios level on start-up, when looking in the bios settings. When I connect 1 of the 4 drives to the SIL Image RAID connectors, then the drive IS recognoized, as healthy. This means that the SIL Image RAID chip works and that the drives are healthy.

    Also, when shutting down my pc it takes at least ten minutes before I can restart the computer; there is no power supply problem, it is a new 500W Antec supply.

    I did get the replacement fan working, the fan blades were blocked by the cooling casing, in other words, the replacement fan sent to me was defective too.

    As a conclusion I can say that the NVidia chipset is defective at the NVRaid level, the NVRaid does not recognize anymore any attached drives, and this is a result of overheating due to the defective chipset on the mb board AND the defective fan sent to me.

    I have been checking all the major forums, including here and on Asus, and there seem to be numerous cases of problems due to this fan. Since my motherboard is now defective and I cannot use the NVRaid connections anymore, and hopefully I will be able to restore all data on those RAID drives (760Gb!!!!!) I am of the opinion that a free replacement motherboard is at least called for.
  2. I had a similar problem, i resolved it by downgrading my bios, reseting it to factory defaults. then re-enabling the raid in the bios one step at a time. ie.. setting drive modes for sata to raid, then rebooting. then seeing if it allowed entry into the raid bios, the deleting the array (but not clearing the drives), and recreate the arrays (again make sure not to clear the data) then you should be ok. well atleast that worked for me. YMMV
  3. The same thing happened to me this week. Although the replacement fan I got did, in fact, work; it's been on there long enough to have started to fail itself, but it works if I give it a poke.

    At one point I moved my two-drive RAID 0 from NVRAID SATA ports 2 and 4 to ports 1 and 3, and it worked for a little while before crashing again.

    I'm inclined to agree about the overheating.

    /sigh. Time for a new mobo?
  4. I finally resorted to a Promise SATA300 TX4 PCI card for my drives. That board gave me enough problems in the beginning -conflicts with the mobo sata ports Nvidia and Sil Image- but now the thing is running for two weeks without problems. But this will be my last ASUS mobo ever.
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