Is it OK to mix and match memory modules?

I recently built a new rig with 2GB but i'm thinking of adding and 2GB or even 4GB and moving to Vista x64. I currectly have this

Do the other memory modules have to be of the same timings/voltage, etc?

FYI, I have q6600, evga 8800GTX, gigabyte p35-DS4.

Thanks much!
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  1. in short, yes. but, you might/might not sacrifice performance. I have had two different brands, popped them in and booted up in dual channel mode. Also, I have had 2x1gb kingston 667 with 2x512gb 667 kingstin and only be able to boot that up stable in single channel mode (I really think this should have worked, but I think my mobo was the problem). bottom line is, you will probably be able to mix and match memory, but you might/might not be able to run dual channel mode.

    your best bet is to run matched memory in channel "A" and matched memory in channel "B" and you will probably be able to run in dual channel, but there is no garruntee
  2. sorry for the confusion, in short no they don't have to be the same.
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