Raid0 complication

Hi, I have the gigabyte GA-MA770-DS3 rev 1.0

Just set up a raid0 with 2 wd 320's, no problems there, the problem arises with having my optical drives on the sata ports as well. I get bsod's when i use the roms, id love to use ide roms but as u can see by the pic of the board, long video cards block the stupid ide port (such a well designed board....).

Is it actually suppose to be possible to use sata drives while using raid, or am i just better off getting a new board
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  1. Make sure the SATA ports your using for the optical drives are not part of the RAID array.
  2. well during start-up, it shows the part where i can press ctlr+F to set up raid, it has my 2 hd's in 1 and set as functional, then it shows both my dvd burners under it, flashing, with no writing next to it, im thinking it just made all 4 ports for raid no matter.
    If youwish il take high quality pics of my start up and show them.
  3. Double check your Mobo manual, and see which ports are for which raid controller. Like Hesskia said, your optical drives should be on a seperate controller from the raid.

  4. bah, all 4 ports are on 1 controller, so i guess im screwed

    any advice on an am2 board that lets me do what i want to do?
  5. Just buy a PCI or PCI express 1x Sata controller card. put your optical drives on that. Cost you less than a new mobo.

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  6. i would but this mobo blows, both nbridge and sbridge heated to 70+ so i had to change both sinks, vregs heat up more than a 4850 on stock fan speeds, plus all these problems, i didnt expect much for 105 bucks but i still expected more than this....
  7. Fair enough,

    A new Mobo sounds good.

    I have the MSI K9A2 Platinum. 150 USD, and it works like a charm

    NB = 45
    SB = 30

    Thats under load.

    Cheers mate,

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