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No virtual CD/DVD Programs will mount a drive, physical works fine

I've posted this topic in another thread, but have yet to get a reply. So, I figured maybe I just posted it in the wrong section. I'm sorry if it is considered spamming, I have foul no intent, I'm just at wits end. Anyway, I'm working on my sisters laptop and can not for the life of me get any virtual cd/dvd programs to mount a virtual drive. The programs install fine, just no virtual drives get created, no matter how many I set. I've checked in "My Computer" and device manager, and find no trace. My physical dvd drive functions just as it should, so I don't think it's an upper/lower filter problem. I've even checked in regedit, but found no instances of bad filters. I've read threads where people have similar problems, but they always have the problem where their physical cd/dvd drive isn't working either. I'm just running out of ideas, and dearly need any help I can get. Thanks in advance

- Gavin
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    Fixed. Formatted and did a clean install of 7.
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