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Have Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 ,over time i noticed,when i do a system restore,it goes correctly,reboots,then get a massage,system restore failed to work,no changes were made to computer,tried in safe mode,no success,anyway to reinstall system restore,had an option givin to me,do a slipstream sp2 disc,read this may not work to resolve problem.
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  1. All you can do when System Restore fails to work is turn it off, restart to kill off all the stored data it held, then turn it back on and start afresh with a new Restore Point.

    What's the problem you're trying to correct by going back in time?

  2. no problem i have,just want system restore to work in case i do have a problem,hasn't worked in awhile,when i create a restore point,that works fine,but if i try to do a restore,it doesn't work,give me a message on reboot,system restore encountered a problem,no changes were made to your system,just figured be nice to have in work in case,i have had problems in past,when i could have used it,had to figure out these problems on my own,and i was lucky i was able to get system running,it's a good feature to have in case of,why i would like it to work again,if i can figure how to get it to work again,reinstall it.
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