GF7600GS vs HD2600pro

I need to get a low budget Graphic card

I found Geforce 7600GS (GV-NX76G256D-RH from Gigabyte)
Memory 256 MB
Memory Bus 128 bit
Memory Type DDRII 16Mx16
Card dimension ATX
Bus Type PCI-E
Bus Speed 16
DVI Port Y (DVI-I)
Multi View Y

And ATI HD2600 Pro (GV-RX26P512H from Gigabyte)
Core Clock 630 MHz
Mem Clock 800 MHz
Memory 512MB
Memory Bus 128 bit
Memory Type DDRII 32Mx16
Card dimension ATX
Bus Type PCI-E
Bus Speed x16
D-SUB Y (By Adapter)
DVI Port Y (DVI-I)
Multi View Yes

and ( PowerColor HD 2600 PRO 512MB DDR2)
Graphics Engine RADEON HD 2600 PRO
Video Memory 512MB DDR2
Engine Clock 600 MHz
Memory Clock 400 MHz x 2
Memory Interface 128bit
DirectX Support 10
Bus Standard PCIE x16

which is the better performance in DirectX9 ? (i know DX10 needs GF8800 for playable fps)

and which is the better performance at HD video playback ?

P.S. Don't tell me get GF8600 series, over the budget
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  1. The HD 2600 Pro would be slightly better in DX9 games and better in HD Playback.
    If you can find HD 2600 XT/256 $80 after rebate it would be even better in DX9 games.
    You should also be looking at 8600GT @ $75 after rebate as that should be the best DX9 performance and equal video playback in that $75-80 range.
  2. Make sure any 8600GT you look at is "HDCP Ready" as not all models of 8800GTs are HDCP equipped.
  3. If you can afford it, I too would say 2600xt. If you only have about 80 bucks to spend, what might do better than that 2600 pro is an nvidia geforce 8500 gt. Now everyone is saying no don't get that. But here's the one I'm looking at specifically.

    It's an ASUS, and instead of the usual 450 mhz core, it's factory overclocked to 600 mhz on the core, and uses ddr3 memory instead of ddr2. I am thinking you are going to pay at least 74-75 for a 2600 pro, also, I think the 2600 pro is designed to compete with the 8500. Personally, my thinking is that this particular 8500 gt might be faster with the higher clock speed and quicker memory. Anyone else have thoughts?
  4. i found the benchmark comparison between Radeon HD 2600 Pro & 8500GT & 8600GT,bGRkZ5iSmJXK,bGRkZJiXmJXK/
  5. Prey maybe about average for benchmarking.
    Here is a 2600Pro review compared with 2600XT and 8600GT GPUs.
  6. 2600 pro over 7600GS for sure. In many games it hands it to the 7600GT even.

    examples.... beats a 7900GT in UT3.

    Hangs with a 7900GS in TF2:

    But I also agree the 2600XT is worth the small premium over the pro. It's $25 well spent.
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