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My pop's laptop has got a Intel Pentium M 740 @ 1.73ghz. CPU-Z says the socket is an 479 mPGA and the process is 90nm.
My laptop's got a Intel Core 2 Duo T5300 @ 1.73ghz. Same socket but a 65 nm process. Sooooo...

Is there any way I can update his CPU to a Core 2 Duo? They've got my CPU at newegg for like 200 bucks.

Also, other info that might not matter. Mine is codename Merom, his is Dothan.

THanks for any help.
Sorry if this is one of those redundant noob questions.
(E6750 or Q6600? ;)
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  1. No. This is because the chipset will not be able to support the new CPU
  2. So he's stuck with Pentium M then it looks like.

    I'm looking around now but does anyone know a place to buy these anymore. The most powerful model is the 780 which runs @ 2.26.

    Thanks for any help. I suspect they might be more than a little phased out by now.
  3. OK.
    We've come to terms with the fact that his laptop is getting grey hair and Rogain isn't gonna help. Thank for putting up with us.
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