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Hi everybody first time poster here.
Anyways I recently purchased a Hitachi 320GB SATA drive in order to upgrade from my old 80GB IDE drive. What I did was I partitioned the drive in disk manager. I then used norton ghost to make a clone and set it as the hard drive to boot from. It was successfully copied and I could access the new drive, it was also recognized in bios.
What I did next was I disconnected the old IDE drive and floppy, leaving only the SATA connected; but then it would just bring up confirmation to activate windows, i select no for now and it would just bring me back to the log in screen. I then reconnected with just the ide drive set as master in bios and it would just shut down.
As of now only when i have both connected will it be able to successfully start up. I can tell I did something wrong but is there ay way to change what I've done?
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  1. This sounds like your Windows has detected that it is now running on a hardware setup different from when it was installed, so it is treating it as an illegal installation on a second computer. That is just because the HDD boot drive has changed.

    You could try the simpler step in case it works. If you have your original Windows Install disk, try to do a Repair Install from it. DO NOT DO A FULL INSTALL - that would destroy everything you have there. I hope you still have all the stuff on your old 80 GB drive. That is a good backup, and having it disconnected from your machine will keep it safe while you try to fix this problem.

    If the Repair Install does not solve your problem, you will have to phone Microsoft Tech Support and explain the problem. They may well want to veryfy that you have a legit Windows install by getting your Activation Code from you. They should be able to tell you how to get your Windows to accept the change in hardware and recognize that it still is a legitimate installation of your copy of Windows.
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