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I am purchasing the WD My Passport 320g portable hd. I have two laptops and want to have them share the "My Documents" folder. I know you can move that folder to other installed drives, but can it be done on a portable?
There are certain games like The Sims 2 that load the game based on the game file which must be located within the My Documents folder. I want to be able to play on either laptop without copying the whole entire game file over to the revelent laptops My Document folder each time.
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  1. i would not recommend it. It'll cause a pretty big mess if you do that. Like say if you forget to plug in your drive after you've already booted it. It might create a new profile or it might crash.
  2. Have you heard of a program called Folder Share?


    It will sync the contents of a folder over 2 or more computers. Its not hard to setup either. So whatever is in 1 folder will be in the other one automatically as long as they are online. If they go offline then they will sync the next time they are online.

    Might be an option for you.
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