SSD 32GB and VelociRaptor 300 a good combo?

Hello, I plan to build a computer in the next month and I was wondering if a Samsung SSD 32GB and WD VeloicRaptor 300GB would make a good combo. I plan to install Vista onto the SSD and other stuff onto the VeloicRaptor, stuff like pic, songs, games, ect... Anyway, I just wanted to know what you guys thing and if I'm going in the right direction. If you guys can find me better deals, or suggest different setup feel free to post. Thanks for your time.

Samsung SSD 32GB

WD VeloicRaptor 300GB
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  1. From your post I gather you want to use the SSD mainly for the OS and use the VelociRaptor both as a backup drive (music, videos, etc...) and a drive to install and run your games? I've never installed games on a non OS drive, but I doubt there will be a performance hit as the Raptor is plenty fast.

    If this is what you decide to do partition the raptor in half and use one half as storage medium and the other half to run your apps. That way when you have to clean your pc you can just reformat both the os drive and the partition you are running your apps on.

    If money is not an issue go for it. Someone here posted a video of an SSD load vista or xp (I forget which one) and it was very fast. If you are on a budget $400 for a 32GB drive is steep and not worth it in my opinion. The Velociraptor is plenty fast as a main drive for an OS and to run your apps and games. I have also read here that the premium for the Velociraptor is not worth it if you are on a budget. The WD SE16 WD6400AAKS 640GB is plenty fast

    Do you have a backup drive in mind for your music, pics, docs, etc...? I would personally go with the Raptor as the main drive and buy another drive to back up all your stuff.

    I personally like to keep my OS and installed programs and all my other stuff (game images, music, docs, etc...) in different drives. If you value your data look for a solution to back that up.
  2. It would be pretty interesting if someone does have that link...

    Time to search YouTube!
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