HD 2600 Pro vs. 8500 or 8600gt

I just built a machine for my dad with an old vid card of mine, ATI 850xt and attempted to run 3dmark 06 to terrible results. So, I wanna get him a better card for sub $200. I was thinking the HD 2600 Pro from Visiontek or the 8500Gt with 512mb from BFG or the 8600gt with 256mb fro XFX. Which would be best, he just wants to play Tiger Woods 08 and Flight Sim and those games. Is it worth getting the 3850?

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  1. Hell yeah the 3850 is worth it. It doubles or triples the performance of the cards you listed. Its the best card in the world right now that you can get under $200. It will last him a long time if he plays games like that. Flight sim is pretty demanding sometimes too.
  2. At the end you mentioned the 3850, if you were thinking to get that one, do it, it will KICK the ass of all the 3 mentioned before.

    Now, right now I tell you FORGEt about the 8500. It sucks really bad seriously. If you wanna stick to NVIDIA, go for a 8600GTS which will be good enough.

    ATI has lower the prices and you might be able to find good deals on 3850s which are a little better than 8600GTS.
  3. WHAT? the 3850 is alittle better than the 8600GTS? The 3850 DESTROYS the 8600GTS and they are similarily priced too.
  4. LOL, ok, I guess I'll get the 3850. Now, for what he does, he really doesn't need a 512md card, right? 256 should be ok.

    Which brand should I get? Or does it not really matter. Don't really know ATI manufacturers, always been an eVga Nvidia guy.

  5. Does he play in high resolutions? 1600 1200 or higher?
    cuz if he does you could get a 512mb but thats $30 more.
    Sapphire or Diamond or HIS are all good companies. Try to avoid other manufacturers though.
    The HIS one is out of stock. Get this one.

    Just get the 256mb sapphire. I don't think that in your position 30+ dollars is worth an extra 256mb. Its not like your dad plays shooting games that relies heavily on textures.

    Your welcome.
  6. Thanks, just ordered it.
  7. Good call.
  8. 3850 without a doubt.

    Don't buy any of the 2600s or 8600s
  9. dave8624 said:
    Thanks, just ordered it.

    Your welcome, Im always glad and happy when I see people make good choices. :D
  10. Quote:
    I just built a machine for my dad with an old vid card of mine, ATI 850xt and attempted to run 3dmark 06 to terrible results. So, I wanna get him a better card for sub $200

    You made a good choice with the HD3850, BUT......

    Why did you base a your need to buy a new card on 3dMark06? The X850XT only scores low on that because of shader support. But unless the games you want to play require an SM3.0 card like MOH:Airborne, unhacked Bioshock, etc., the X850XT is still a quite capable card. It's a match for a 7600GT and had you gone with the 8500GT you would have been downgrading bigtime. The HD3850 is a true upgrade for sure, but you may have found you upgraded for 3dmark06 alone and could have been happy with your gameplay in those games on the other card.

    edit: Tigerwoods 08 requires a Geforce 3 or Radeon 8500 only. Flight Sim's are more CPU dependant than GPU dependant and even flight sim X should be able to run on that 8500XT I'd think. Always try and upgrade if you card isn't capable of the desired performance in your games.
  11. Exactly. What does your dad even play, and at what resolution?

    An X850 might even be more than he needs/wants. The X850 XT is still a viable gaming card for 95% of the stuff out there.
  12. Yep, Paul's right, the X800 would've been fine for TigerWood's level of graphic detail, and for flight sims, likely spending the money on the CPU or memory would've resulted in more noticeable differences.
    For flight sims the biggest difference will be the use of AA and even then we're not talking about huge performance differences.

    The HD3850 is a great card, but may not have been needed and may only offer a small boost.

    But like Paul said, the GF8500 would've been a BIG step backwards at settings where graphics cards do play a part;



    Only at low resolution is it different, and there it's a driver/system issue where the GF8600GTS beats a GF8800Ultra. :heink:
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