ATI HD3850 512mb card avaliable now @ $209 in newegg.

Just noticed that newegg put up a 512mb HD3850. Plus 3 other 3850s are in stock, 5 8800GTs, 2 3870s @ $250.
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  1. 512MB 3850 looks like a sweet deal. I hate to see AMD and Nvidia wasting all of these high end GPUs with only 256MB. A g92 or RV670 deserves 512MB!
  2. I know right? 512mb 3850 is probably the best budget card.
  3. why is the 512mb 3850 the same price as the 256mb 3850 lol
  4. different companies sometimes have different prices.
  5. I think visiontek is the only ati company that offers a lifetime warranty.
  6. Never heard of the company but a heck of a good price .... looks like I already lost $20.00 on mine .... but it's from a long established -- well known company ..... if that matters at all . By the time the warranties run out those cards they will be severly outdated and worth about zilch anyway . I have about 15-20 old video cards in my junk box that still work .... lifetime warranties .... but could'nt get a dollar for any of them ----- LOL

    I was thinking of taking all those cards - controllers - sound cards - mother boards and memeory and epoxying them to a sheet of luan plywood and making a wall of them for my computer room . Then my wife asked who was going to keep the dust off them cause they would grab alot .... when I smiled at her .... she said screw you ... not me .... so I dropped the idea .
  7. I saw that last night. Too bad I didn't have any money at the time =( The price got jacked up to 250 now
  8. Visiontek used to make nVidia cards in the FX era, then went into receivership, and then started selling ATi cards.

    It has a history of making great cards, but I think like Hercules that history was back when they could make their cards noticeably different than anyone else. Like Gainward those old 'specialty' card makers had trouble in the US market trying to make these special card yet competing against large price differences, and the increase in self-tweaked cards and tools like Rivatuner,ATiTool,etc.
  9. Did anyone else notice that, that 3850 has a dual slot cooler? all the 256mb ones dont they are all single.
  10. chookman said:
    Did anyone else notice that, that 3850 has a dual slot cooler? all the 256mb ones dont they are all single.

    I'm pretty sure the reference design for all 3850s have single slot coolers, but the manufacturers can put whatever cooler they wish on whatever card they wish.
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