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Hi, I have the monitor as in the title. I'm going to get a ps3 soon. This monitor has speakers but coming out of the speakers are two wires. One for its power which is in the form of a usb that I know the ps3 has. The other is a green ended wire like the ones for sound. If I use a dvi to hdmi connector and just plug in the usb power into the ps3, the sound will follow right? Or do I need to buy a new monitor? Thank you
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  1. Since the USB on those Dell speakers is just for power, there is no reason that it should not work plugged in to one of the PS3 USB ports.

    As far as the green headphone jack connector is concerned, you will need to go someplace like Radio Shack and get two adapters (I had to do this for my XBox 360 and I have the same monitor you do...)

    The first one is a 1/8" headphone jack coupler - you plug the green jack from your speakers into one side and the second adapter into the other side.


    The second adapter had a stereo headphone jack on one side (again, plug this in to the other side of the first adapter) and two RCA plugs on the other side. Plug the audio cables from the PS3 onto those and you will have sound on your existing monitor-mounted speakers.


    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. I can provide pictures of my setup for you to reference if you need me to.
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