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Whats Vista size on the Hard Drive?

Im about to partition a SSD for Vista, how many GB do I need for it, including all the updates? The partition will house the OS and nothing more.
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  1. What size is your SSD?
  2. sorry for not posting, but honestly, what I have wont matter, what matters is what I need to do. Happens to be 80GB, wich turns to be "real 72GB"

    So I was thinking

    XP: 12GB
    Vista: 30GB
    games: 30GB
  3. I think if a remember correctly vista will use up 17 to 18 gigs of storage space
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    Partitioning is a bit of a decade ago idea, it just causes issues when people run out of room.

    If you have 2 OS setups, do 2 partitions for each, but keep the setup files on the same partitions as the OS you will install them on. Divide the disk in 2, install XP on one partition, then Vista on the second, you should get a boot menu to select between the two.
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