Hardware constraint on HDD size

I want to get a 1TB SATA HDD(32M)

any constraint on the motherboard and OS, or any other hardware constraint?

my motherboard is ASUS P5K SE
OS: Windows Vista Business
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  1. The only limit would be the 2TB limit for the Master Boot Record partition of a 32 bit OS. Your 1TB hard drive will work fine.
  2. Vista supports GPT disks so you can get around the 2TB limitation of the MBR with is anyways ;)
  3. Vista can only boot from a GPT disk if your system uses Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) instead of BIOS.

    So in most cases the Partition a 32 bit system boots from will be MBR and can only be 2tb (2048mb). All other partitions can still be GPT and up to 256TB in Vista.
  4. ^good point forgot to mention that.
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