Intel C2D 4600, 2.4GHz on a 800MHz FSB Help

I just bought a new build that uses this processor, the Core 2 Duo 4600 from Intel. I couldn't find many reviews on the CPU itself, so I'm asking if anybody has used/is using this product. Anyone? Is it as good as you expected? Should I be concerned about the 800MHz FSB limiting my performance?

This is the first and so far the only C2D with a 12x Clock Multiplier, so I"m told. I thought it would be a steal when priced at $179.

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  1. The E4600 runs just a shade slower than an E6550.

    On office applications, etc, pretty much a dead heat, a tad slower in games and multi-midia versus the E6550.

    The FSB issue is VASTLY overstated.

    Compare the old E6700 (2.67 on 1066 FSB) to the new E6750 (2.67 on 1333 fsb) and you see its a couple percent at best.

    I actuaally usually buy the e4500 not the 4600.

    If you raise the FSB on an E4500 to 1066 and you get 2.93 ghz, and just about every e4500 will do 2.93 at something very close to stock voltage - usually a very minor bump in Vcore - maybe .025 to .05 will usually do it.

    If you go 1066fsb on an e4600 you are at 3.2, and you often need a bit more vcore to get there.

    That being said, the e4600 is still a steal of a price.

    The entire Intel line up, with the exception of the EE (Extreamly Expensive) versions is a great deal.

    An e6750 at +/- $200 and the Q6600 at +/- $270 are just stupid cheap for what they are, and the e4x00 are not far behind.
  2. Awesome! I can't wait until tomorrow, it all should arrive by then! :D

    Thanks for the info!
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