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If i upgraded from an 3570K to a 3770K would I see more improvements from Virtual Box, because of the Hyper threading? I'd like to have one Virtual Machine on all the time as a game server with 2 virtual cores, and still be able to game on highest settings on Skyrim, and other games. And when I'm not gaming I sometimes edit videos, and multitask. My question just really pertains to, is if I can benefit with Virtual Box from the higher cache and more threads the 3770K has to offer.

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  1. I do now know that answer, but a game server should not need more than a single core. . .
  2. I've been looking into running two different game servers, though not at the same time. A Minecraft server with ten people max probably for that one on virutal box, and a dedicated server when and if in the future people can have their own dayz servers.
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