how much does my system sell for ?

hello, i need some help finding out how much my sytem is worth - "planning on buying a quad, sli system"

650watt Antec PSU (X2 pciEx16 8 pin)
x2 5200 @ 3.0ghz
nforce590SLI EVGA mobo
4 Gigs ram (dominator DDR2 800 @ 852mhz)
raptor X 10,000rpm 16mb cache
Xfi - (Ex-music )
CD/DVD combo x52 /x16
Physics ASUS 128mb
Nvidia 8800GTX 768mb (630/1030~: (630/2.060ghz)
Thermaltake shark full ATX tower w/t Zalmen 9700
and 3 black lights
and all the wires have UV sleeving

3dmark 06 score 112**

worth $1200?
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  1. I'd pay... 1.5k? 1.6k?
  2. itotallybelieveyou said:
    I'd pay... 1.5k? 1.6k?

    "I wish everyone at my high school could be mature enough to talk PC hardware not just gaming. You're unique... just like everyone else. "

    (- i love that , i feel the same wa)

    - so really its worth more ? wow - well the reason im asking is im like "IN LOVE" with dells XPS 720 and i was looking to get half of the price kicked out from selling my system.

    thanks for the info. :)
  3. seriously? it's basically the same thing.
  4. itotallybelieveyou said:
    seriously? it's basically the same thing.

    well , not now but in Jan, intel is coming out with there yorkfield quad cpu = thats the word on the street= and ill prob. get 2 med range 9series cards on top of that ( but most of all the reason for this whole deal is the XPS case , i mean come on who cant say that doesnt look badass - and the size of it (mmmmm)
  5. well... go on ebay and try to pound it off for 2k or something
  6. itotallybelieveyou said:
    well... go on ebay and try to pound it off for 2k or something

    oh one more question . On cpu performance how fast would a q6600 @ 3.2ghz be vs. a AMD x2 5200 @ 3.0ghz - would i see atleast a 2x performance gain or more ? gaming/(3d modleing- "softimage")
  7. i guess i could try , but i have a problem with buying used cases "had a bad experience with that awhile back L_L. but good idea ill check it out
  8. hey , thanks for your replys ; I really didnt know where to start the price at all because this is my first sytem im wanting to sell.
  9. I would say $1300 would be good. What you should do is sell quick before the new better nvidia's come out and it will drop in price by more then $400.
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