LG ggc-h20l Blu Ray/HD Dvd player - Vista cannot detect it

Title says it all. This is on a brand new system.

I'm wanting to make a backup of the factory settings, but can't currently because vista has no knowledge of the drive being connect.

any help would be much appreciated.
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  1. That is the same one I have. Popped it in, connected it to SATA 3 (as 1 and 2 were hdds) and bios saw it, windows saw it...
    Maybe check your bios that the ports are not disabled (I know i use to disable the ones i wasnt using)
    Disconnect any other drives except your boot hdd to test it out... watch it boot up to see it shows up in the first screen (may need to press a key to see the post boot or some such thing.
    Also, check your New Hardware area to see if it is in there at all or an error agains it.
    ... also, sometimes the drive letter is hidden behind a drive letter for a memory card... strange but i have seen it... so go to where you can change hte drive letters of the drives... and see if it is there... (i cant remember how to get there, im on a stupid XP machine atm)
  2. The drive is getting power? Does the bios see the drive? Can you boot from the drive?
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