New HDD not being recognized?

I just got a second HDD for my hp a1750e... aside from having difficulty fitting it in the case, now when I boot up it isn't showing up.

I was told all I had to do is plug in the SATA cable, plug in the power, and turn it on.... well, I did that and it's not working.

Do I need to do anything to tell Vista to recognize it? Or is something wrong?

I'm also having graphics card problems... but that's another thread.

EDIT: BTW, if I go into the bios, I can't see anywhere to set it to "auto detect" as everyone is saying to do... The BIOS does show both HDD's though (Vista does not)
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  1. k.... this is solved. Nobody told me about formatting the drive, etc in Vista.
  2. well not only in Vista, when you buy a new HDD you have to format it and then you will able to use it.
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