X800xt PE upgade w/ Amd Fx 53

Hello, I have a Amd Fx53, 430w antec truepower, and a X800xt pe agp graphics card.I am currently playing COD4 on 800x600 settings, but I desire more. I have read the forums, and the X1950 pro looks like a good option. However I would like more opinions on the positive/ negatives on this card.

Thank you
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  1. If that is the original Truepower 430W you are running low on 12v power for a X1950 pro with a single 20 amp rail. If it's a truepower 2.0 with dual 17 amp rails you should be fine and the X1950 pro is a good choice for that game.

    You may want to consider the HD2600XT which consumes less power and is cheaper in AGP. But as far as I know COD4 isn't a game it excels at. Other new games it matches the X1950 pro without fsaa but falls behind with fsaa.
  2. Also, avoid the GF7 series for that game. An X1950 pro >>> 7900GT or GS in COD4:
  3. Or you could get a 3850 which plays COD4 maxed with 50fps.
  4. Hey Pauldh,
    Thanks for your reply! I have read the manual, and I cannot find any ref: to rails. It is a truepower w/ dual smart fans if that means anything.
  5. Hey aznstiker92,
    Is the 3850 agp on sell yet? and will the antec truepower 430 power it? I fear it is on a single rail, not dual as Pauldh mentioned.
  6. You'll need to open up the case and look at the label on the power supply. It will tell you the model and how much 12v power. I have an original TP 430 myself also paired with a X800XTpe AGP. :)
  7. Thank you again! I have the original. I really do not want to push my luck with the 1950 pro.I plan to upgrade next year, and I just wanted something to play COD4 on med. settings. Can you recommend another card, other than the ati 2600, that would give me a good boost.
  8. 7900 GS agp. Does not consume much power.
  9. Thanks NightScope! I will check it out
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