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First of all, hello, how are you.

Um heres the dilema. I want to take advantage of the freedom wireless provides but have some doubts of its capabilities.
See Im a gamer and theres nothing worse then spending 20minutes trying to get into your favorite server (counterstrike) and then get 10minutes of play only to lose signal from the router.
Now I personally have never owned a wlan but a friend of mine did and when he played CS he had a consistant prob with getting dropped.
As this happened some odd years ago maybe todays technology has dealt with the prob and moved on or maybe there was something he could of done about it but didnt know....
some insight into the problem would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Wireless reliability largely depends on range and interference issues. If you are within easy reach of the wireless router (realistic wireless range is I think 50feet or thru 3 walls) okay.

    But if (like me) you have 33 neighbours using wireless networks -- most of whom seem to have no idea about choosing a free wireless channel -- interference is a plague you are constantly dodging.

    Given that wireless technology can halve the incoming speed anyway, I would look elsewhere for gaming -- say Mains Plug Network Adapters.
  2. you da man. TY
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