VID of q6700 series, does it Variate like q6600? Please list yer VID.

Haha, another post for me! P snatched a pair of q6700s today, and havent tested them! Please dont all be high VIDs! I just happened to scan a bunch of "extreme" versions, and I noticed the a funny thing! The VIDs were all 1.3250!! That leads me to believe that all intel did was take a LOW VID chip, OC it, re lable it a extreme whatever, then re stamped the VID to the highest NORMAL VID.

As my testing concluded, a Low VID chip can easily attain high speeds at lower voltage. Thats pretty straightforward! BUT why should intel lose all that money? So if I were them, I'd take my 1.2000 and OC it to 3.0, re brand it and sell it for 1000 bucks! Why not?

If I had the proper gear, I could re brand my 1.2000 a 1.3250 VID and OC it to 3.4-3.5 easily! Since I was priming along already at 1.3250 in the bios, but at 3.6!!

So I wanna know! Feel free to drop your Extreme chips VID, or your q6700 VID!! I Need more info!! I am a crazy nut who needs to know!

Oh, what the hell, I have a tri core phenom!!

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  1. Its a 1.2375! Okay, that means that the q6700 series isnt just an OC'd q6600 like the extreme series appears to be. So its okay to get one and OC from there, as long as you get a decent VID. This one was OEM, so stick with that until box buyers post their VIDs in here, if they decide to take the time!

    I need that info!! I wanna see if they are 266 Mhz better at OCing. ;)

  2. Oh, and the other one was a 6600. Waaaahhhh! I'll Post its VID here soon. And I will get more of the 6700's soon, I hope!

  3. currently my Q6700 has a VID of 1.2375 and i have it set to 333 x 10 (3.33GHz). The vcore in the bios is set to 1.27500 and after Vdroop i have a Vcore of 1.256V (CPU-Z and Everest Confirmed)

  4. Nice, thanks! I just completed my first array of tests on the q6700 and have determined that it will be stable at 3.8!!!! On my bad cooling it was only 75c at 1.440 in windows loaded! I just found where it will pass the first 20 min 8k test in prime 95.

    After doing that, it is pretty easy to see that with the proper cooling, you could have 3.8 stable within the 1.5 volt specs! My true would take 10 c off that, and its un lapped at this point!

    You have the same VID, so wow! Hows that for some info? I was shocked at the amount of VCore it needs to reach 3.8 stable. No Wonder the q6600's have such a hard time passing prime! I stand corrected on my earlier assumption that my board was the problem. It needed like 6 notches past where I expected my high end guessing to need it! So my q6600's would need the same, and then some!

    While they can do everything else, passing prime at small ffts must be one hell of a chore when OC'd so far past spec! Poor things! Now I know.

    That doesnt negate the usage of a q6600 at 3.8 for daily junk. I used mine for over 10 days with ZERO problems, even playing crysis at maxed settings on an OC'd ultra! No BSODs, no strange bombing of programs running, nothing. Just cant pass prime 95 small ffts. I stopped using it at that speed because I have 10 processors to test!! Had to use the board, lol!

    Now I know why!
    Gonna OC yours farther??

    Will post pics later, gonna test the VID of my new q6600 now!!

  5. Awwww, that blows, a 1.3250! Its a NEW Oem one. Wonder if intel got to these?? So now I have a 1.2000, 1.2625, 1.3000 and 1.3250 G0 q6600, and 1 q6700 G0 1.2375 and 1 Phenom quad 9500 and 1 Phenom TriCore 8400.

  6. My Q6700 idles at 33-34 (with a thermalright xtreme 120 with a synthe fan at 1100 rpm) and under the everest stressing componet (using everest 4.5), each core runs at 100%. I have done this test for 24 hrs straight and the hottest the cores get is around 50-51.

    As for overclocking further, no, i am happy at 3.33GHz. 100 % stable under all conditions (i do not game, but i do a lot of dvd, and video burning and editing)

    In guess there comes a point where one has to say " I am satisfied with my system" and just enjoy the fruits of your labour

  7. Thats true! Nice VID by the way. I am glad that they variate like the q6600's do. I would have been mad had intel just OC'd their 2.4's up to 2.66 and re brand the VID with a 1.3000 or higher.

    Enjoy the OC! If you ever change your mind...

  8. i have also tried to go to 333 x 9 for 3.0 Ghz
    At this setting i can set my bios vcore to 1.2500 and with the Vdroop the core voltage is 1.236

    This idles at 30-31 (a few degrees cooler) and under stress i get 46-47. This is a direct result of the lower vcore and only a 12% OC (2.66 to 3.0 Ghz)

    I really cannot notice the difference between 3.0 and 3.33 so i just may keep the lower OC and keep things cooler

  9. Yeah, thats the funny thing about speed. You'll not notice it, but your computer does. I like Super pi for testing that. Just run its 8 mill or higher tests and watch the time, then OC it and watch again, then OC higher and look again. On small things you wont see the speed increase, but your computer sure does. Especially if its a FSB increase!

    The FSB speed directly effects the performance of your entire system!! It has to, all your memory accessing goes through it!

    And yes, while its low speed performance is good, to obtain a stable OC to 3.8 I needed 1.440. Thats a bigger jump than I expected, because I think its nearing their upper limit on speed. Simply put. I can boot into windows at 4.0 and 4.2 but it wont pass Prime!!
    I dont think!

  10. Got another new one! Its a 1.2500 VID. Cool, thats a upper overclocker. I had my 1.2625 VID at 3.8 and used 18 hours daily until I moved and needed the board for testing. Like a few days ago. Its fine on a TRUE, just watch the heat... though it fails prime.

    And now I know why it fails... under every day situation you'll never get near primes 100% power and DRAIN. Only a test can do that. So I didnt notice anything daily. It appears that there is a step depending on VID, that is just an area where you need several steps of VCore.Much more than you'd expect!

    Thanks to the acquisition of a q6700 with a nice and low VID, I was able to wrap my brain around this. I am glad that the q6700's are not just OC'd 6600, like the extreme series. *Not the new technology ones.*

  11. Wow, very interesting.
  12. Yeah, I got a new one, a 1.3250 q6700. Man, it needs close to 1.5 to get 3.6! More fuel for the fire on VID. While there is prolly a few more factors involved in the OC abilities of a processor, VID is more than likely the primary one.

    I will post test results of the high VID one here soon. It just kept failing and failing... no joke!!

  13. Have you fixed your cooling problem yet?
  14. I'm lazy! I will give it a try when I lap the low VID q6700! Thats gonna go in my comp, and my 1.2000 VID q6600 will go in my back up comp!

    Its much better than my High VID q6700!

    As far as my cooling problem, its just that my TRUE is picky. It has to be seated JUST right to get that 17 delta. Since its 15 right now, I should lose like 5 c or a lil more when its fully on properly.

    I just need to order another TRUE is all.

    I have been so busy with all these quads!! (and 1 Tri!)

  15. I'll get on with the lapping later today, I hope, and go for 4.0 to see what the voltage jumps look like between 3.8 and 4.0.

    The two being the same technology should show the same pattern for voltage increases, based off of starting VID and such.

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