RAID With Different HD's.

Well, I've got a 500 Gig hard drive and a 250 gig hard drive. I already know that the 500 Gig hard drive will go to 250 gigs if I put them in RAID, but my question is this: With the extra 250 gigs that the 500 gig hard drive isn't using, could I partition that to be used for backup files, etc.?
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  1. Sadly, no. But another 250GB drive is under $60 (RAID 2 250's and use the 500 as a storage drive).
  2. Hmmm.... Do you think there is a way I could save all of my files somehow? I have 50 GB of files that I really really need.
  3. Unless you have already put them into RAID sure, copy them to an external HDD or multiple DVD's.
  4. Is it possible to have a 500 GB HD in an array with 2 X 250GB mirrored to it?
    What RAID to use in that case?

    tnx for an answer
  5. The only thing i can think of is (assuming the 2x250gb is RAID-0) you can RAID-0 the 2x250gb in the RAID controller, then in windows you setup a mirror with the RAID-0 volume and the 500gb. I should work in theory, but dodgey at best.

    The other this you could do it get 2 more 250gb's and create a RAID10 which is RAID-0 nested with RAID-1 creating your speed and redundancy but 4 drives are required for this.
  6. tnx.

    Actually the 2 x 250 are already RAID 1.
    I have had an xtra 250 which I have used as external. Now I've bought a 500GB and thought of either use it as RAID 1 with the 250 that I had as external, e.g put them together internally and loose 250 GB.

    Later on in the future, when needed, get an extra 500GB and couple it with the 500, using full capacity. Then taking the 250 out and putting in the external box.
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