Cannot register office 2010 on my windows 8 laptop.

I downloaded Microsoft office 2010 from an e-mail (official) and installed it onto my Windows 8 laptop. I entered the product key before installing it. Now, when I try to open it, it gives me three options:

Activate Now (Which takes me back to the beginning of the installation process, and will not let me re-enter my product key)

Purchase Online

Try Office for a Limited time

Why won't it let me use Office since I already installed it?
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  1. Maybe the key is void.

    You need to contact microsoft and tell them the where you buy/download from.
  2. You sure you downloaded a full version, not just a trial? How much did it cost you and where did you get it from?

    Anyway, as already said, Microsoft are the people to help you. If you brought from them they'll sort it out. If you've been sold a pirated copy they will be very interested.
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