Boot problem after adding 2nd HDD

My buddy has a PC

Asus P5Q Pro
antec 650 PSU
2x2G 800 ram
4850 512
1x DvD
1x 320 HD with XP pro
he added 1x 500GB with some files, not sure what all, or if it ever had a os.

It boots and runs perfect with just the 320 hard drive, but after he adds the 500HDD it get to windows loading screen and bsods. I'm trying to help him via email so if anyone has any ideas with this scetchy info please help.

Both drives are recognized and the 320 is set to boot 1st but after the bsod the 320 disappears and it trys to boot from the 500.

I told him to reset the cmos, he don't want to for some unknown reason. i tink it might help, it sure cant hurt.
Both drives are sata and the 320 is plugged in sata 1
I also suggested that both hard drives are labeled C: and are conflicting. I know the 500 came from a old system ,so I think it migh be C: as well and is conflicting during the boot.

This is all I can think of:
Reset Cmos
Put 500 in USB external and put important files on the 320.
With 500 via usb make sure drive letter is not C: Change it if needed.
Clone the 200GB of files from the 500 to the 320 or vice versa.

If anyone has any other ideas please let me know. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Bump: Maybe the breakfast crew has an idea.
  2. Not quite sure what you mean by "the 320 disappears". Disappears from where? Check the order that the BIOS lists the disks. If it lists the 500 first that may well be the one that windows sees as C: (depending upon how it's formatted).

    You could always try switching the data cables over on the two drives to see if that makes a difference (I mean changing the SATA ports that the 2 disks are connected to).
  3. Run the manufacturers diagnostics on the 320 GB drive.
  4. Yup the 320 disappears from the bios all together after bsod.

    He tried switching them around.

    The 320 is listed first but after a bsod it disappears.

    Thanks for the ideas.

    I'm thinking he needs a USB dock so he can get what he needs then format the 500 so theres no conflicts.
  5. Jim_L9 said:
    Run the manufacturers diagnostics on the 320 GB drive.

    Well the 320 works perfect all day without the 500 plugged in. I built it for him and didnt have the 500 in my posession. He added it after he got his PC. I havent heard from him since last night maybe he got it.
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