radeon hd 2600pro OC lag loast planet??

hi everyone
i just bought a graphics card HIS IceQ Radeon HD 2600pro 256mb ddr2 OC
i was wondering if i could plave lost planet extreme condition DX10 with it
so i downloaded the demo, and i tried it
but every 10 seconds, it stops, saying my system spec is under the minimum.
my system is
E4400 no OC (checked cpu usage during the play and had 40%)
2gb ram (only 45% total usage during the play)
22" WideScreen LCD
and that graphics card i told you before

so my conclusion was that the problem was on the graphics card..
so i OCed to highest (clock, Memory clock) 750Mhz from 650,, 600Mhz from 525
still lagging
and of course i setted the game lowest grahpics

should i try DX9??
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  1. i just tried DX9. it is better and it doesnt stops. but the problem is the mouse
    it takes a moment to move a sight. you guys know what im saying??
    when you move your mouse to right, and after like about half second, the screen moves to the right
    any solutions??
  2. Its all graphics card buddy, you arent having problems... it's your hardware that cant keep up. YOu can obvioulsy lower the settings in the video options of game and lower SCREEN RESOLUTION and that might help.

    You have enough ram and a good cpu so it's not that... the 2600 pro isnt really an enthusiast graphics card. If you can return it and get an HD 3850/3870 you will be playing that game at max settings no lag!
  3. ^ agreed
  4. man i wish to have that card but cant,.... sucks...
    i will try lower sreen solution
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