Recommend external hard drive?

Can anyone recommend an external hard drive?

I'd like at least 750 GB capacity, and USB2 (obviously), with Firewire and/or eSATA desirable.

I need to replace some Western Digital MyBook Pro drives, that have proved to be utterly unreliable. I've experienced both mechanical problems and problems with drives becoming unrecognisable by their host PCs (a problem reported by many others).

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  1. I use one like this
    I just install my hard drive in it and it works like a champ.

    Search on newegg, they have lots to choose from.

    Just make sure that when you use external storage that you make sure nothing is writing to it when you unplug it. (not saying thats what you did)
  2. i would recommend this is you prefer not to put together your own:

    if you use a seagate 750GB hard drive with the enclosure the previous poster mentioned, it comes out slightly more expensive than buying the freeagent pro.
  3. Thanks for your replies.

    As a first step, I've ordered an Icy Box enclosure to use with a drive I managed to extract from a WD MyBook. As suspected, the drive was fine: the fault was with the MyBook enclosure.

    If that is successful, I'll probably order more; if not, I'll probably try the Seagate recommended.
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