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Hi everybody,

I don't want to ditch my AGP system b/c I'll basically have to start from the ground up again, but I realized I can't play BioShock, which is a game I've really want to play. There's some kind of compatibility issue withthe video card and not having "Pixel Shader 2.0" The game won't play.

I've got an ATI X800 XT Platinum edition. It holds its own in Doom 3 and tears through games like Half Life 2, Episode 2.

AGP's don't really seem to be everywhere anymore, and I was wondering if anyone knew what the newest and best AGP 8X card was out there, that'll keep up with games made today and handle the compatibility issues.

I mean, the system is fine, it's fast, does most of my games fine, and def. the office apps. I feel like it'd be kind of stupid to have to buy a new system or replace most of it just to play games. I've got a 3 ghz Pentium 4 single core in it now, on an Asus P4P800 E. I'm not sure how much I can go up on the CPU, but I've got a gig of ram now and was thinking about throwing another 3 gigs in, since I can go up to 4. I was also thinking about throwing an SATA hard drive in there just to get more years and performance out of it.


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  1. is your operating system 64-bit? if not, it wont recognize all 4 gigs

    i say a good bet is the X1950 Pro 512mb agp, the geforce 7950gt 512mb on the nvidia side, but the best bang for buck graphics card is the agp geforce 7900gs

    but wait a minute, you have a p4? cant you get a nice cheap p35 motherboard right now with pci express, pick up the ATI radeon 3850 or the geforce 8800gt 256 thats coming in a while - about your ram, if its DDR it wont be supported but good quality overclocking ram is about 60 bucks for 4gigs right now, and you can throw in a quad or core 2 whenever you want - it still means you would need to reinstall your OS and reconfigure everything

    correct me if im wrong guys
  2. I'd get the x1950 pro, it's relatively cheap and you can keep all your drivers
  3. It's a socket 478 board that I have. I could buy a 478 board perhaps that has PCI Express on it, but then I'd still have to buy a new board when it came time to get a Core 2, since core 2's are all socket 775, or 775 is the standard now at least.
  4. I read somewhere in this forum that there is going to appear a Visiontek HD3850 (AGP). But your card should have pixel shader 2.0, i remember the 9800xt have it.
  5. theres some kind of patch the kids with x850xt's got it to run. The card is definitely powerful enough
  6. my old card was an x800 gto (it has sm 2.0, but the game requires 3.0) and it would play bioshock at low quality settings try using this and replacing one of your shaders (instructions in the "read me.txt" it makes the game work, and it looks pretty good, even compared to the sm 3.0 version. it makes the levels load a little slowly, but it works. at least it'll extend your agp card until you can afford pci-e
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