Maximus Formula - Chassis intruded: Fatal error...system halted

Hi, I've recently built a new computer with the following specs:
MB: Maximus Formula
RAM:2 gig corsair ddr2 800
HD: 500 gig SATA2 and 80 gig EIDE
SOUND: SupremeFX2
CASE: Antec 900 running with 5 fans
PSU:850 WATT OCZ Gamestream
Comp temperatures: CPU 23 to 27c, MB 22 to 26c, NB 30 to 24c, SB 28 to 32c, Videocard 40 to 45c.

Problem: When PC was built, had bad RAM, exchanged them and everything was working fine. Then about 1 hour ago, booting my machine and got the following message at boot; Chassis intruded: Fatal error...system halted. Restarted my PC and it booted to Windows with no problem. So decided to restart/reboot and still no problem. After reading a few posts where people are completly stuck at the boot start and no where else to go, why was I able to reboot and not have the message again. :??: :??: :??: Is this bad where I should consider RMA my mobo? Could this could of been just a flook?
Hope I can get good news. Thanks.
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  1. What does that chassis intrusion thing do, I've never had a mobo that supports it? Doesn't it just scream at you when the cover is off the case? Surely you can disable it.
  2. There should be a jumper to disable it. You can shut it off in Bios to i think. You can on my board.
  3. Will try tonight to disable it tonight, thx for the quick response. I guess it;s not a very important feature that you need if you disable it. Why have it in the first place.
  4. Because some people go to public LANs where people will steal anything from your cdrom drive to your video card.
  5. Hi, I haven't had the message re-appear for 2 days now so it seems everything is aok. Will continue to monitor, but most likely (i hope) this was just a 1 time thing.
  6. Hiii. I have an Asus P5K-e/ wifi motherboard. I have **** ram and no money. IT KEEPS SAYING THE SAME THING. I DONT KNOW HOW TO DISABLE IT.

  7. I have the exact same problem with my p5k-e(no wifi), every time I try to install different ram or overclock it gives me the chassis intruded error then I have to reset the cmos and I can boot to windows with stock(more degraded than stock) settings. I'll keep trying to fix it and report my findings
  8. BTW. so the people at lans take out your parts and then the motherboard sticks you with not booting? that's just plain unfair
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