Totally lost - dual boot problem !!

Two days ago, I replaced my motherboard, cpu,and one SATA drive. I had two IDE drives in the old system which was running XP. Problem #1 - after the installation the system, the XP would not load. I installed Vista on the SATA drive - vista is running ok, but I had no access to the data in the IDE drive - always access denied. So i figured, I would buy a second SATA drive and copy all the XP drive on it and try to repair XP. The XP repair did not work- the system kept rebooting. I have disconnected the IDE drives and now have two SATA drives running. Vista is on the first one and the second is now reformatted clean. Here is what I would like to do:

1. Have Vista on one SATA drive
2. Have Windows XP on a second SATA drive. I am hoping that once XP is installed, I may be able to access some of the data in the IDE drive. I may need help then to change the security setting for the folders ??

Where do I start ? Any help will be appreciated.

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  1. I think I read something about you have to have XP first and then add vista to get the dual boot to work. I havent tried it myself.
  2. Thanks "roadrunner", I reformatted both SATA drives and installed XP first and then the Vista. It has taken me hours to do. I will try and access my old XP data on the IDE drive next. I'm having my fingers crossed.
  3. Cool. Let me know how it goes.
  4. You could have just fixed the bootloader...
  5. Thanks guys. I think I am quite happy with the setup so far - needs a bit of fine tunning and re-installing my old applications. You have been very helpful.
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