This is what dumb people buy from alienware...16,400+

This is what dumb people buy from alienware...16,400+

hahaha I wonder if anyone really has this build??!!!
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  1. people who are filthy rich
  2. Wow they include Crysis, UT3, AND other games with it!!!
  3. Take that Dell..
  4. you can build that same build for prob like 5000
  5. Dell owns Alienware now...

  6. rofl, that voodoo pc costs more than a car
  7. This is what King Louis the III would buy if he was into gaming PCs.
  8. ok, as far as that voodoo goes, maybe i'm missing something but i'm sure you could build a rig yourself that gets comparable frames per second (like maybe 5 less) for less than 10,000. I mean jeez, 4 tb of storage!?!? (And i love how they threw in the 300gig external drive.)

    I also like how the canadian price is almost identical to the us price! LOL!!
  9. did someone max it out because they could? for example both a 30 inch and a 24 inch flat panel. 2 terabyte of disk just for storage beside the raid 0 for OS. Seems the monitors alone would take up a good chunk of $5000 along with dual 8800 ultras.. Maybe it would not cost $16,000 but it is way above $5K also.
  10. Quote:
    oh brother only a 24 " screen with all that. For that money you could have Sony or Samsung custom build you a 42" super gaming Lcd panel or larger.

    ..The sad part is Crysis would still only max out at about 28 fps at ultra settings with that rig...LOL

    HAHAHA! I know!!
  11. I built a custom system on Voodoo site the other day for 20,000. I then went and priced a system out on newegg and it didn't break 6K. That's with a 30'' monitor. Granted both systems would be out of my reach, but still it's rather ridiculous.
  12. LOL

    For that much I could grab two 1000 watt subwoofers, and 7 other speakers totaling at over 3000 watts, a 126" projected screen and STILL not pay that much even with the gaming pc.

    Actually, I saw a Sony PC totaling 19,000 several years ago.
  13. Some people will buy something like because:

    A) They don't know a USB port from a hole in the ground and refuse to learn anything about computers.
    B) Think that $$$$ = performance
    C) They are too lazy to build it themselves.
  14. too much of a rip off
  15. i guess you are paying for some mighty fine customer service as well! I'd guess that dell couldn't hold a candle to vodoo in the tech support department, and some people will pay an arm and a leg for that kind of service.

    Still, I think the only people who'd buy this computer would be someone who wasn't very familiar with computers anyway, or someone who wanted a sadistic way to prove their wealth to people on boards like this one!
  16. If you look at it carefully what jacked up the price are those solid state disk drives.
    Takes those out and replace them with Raptors and you'll see the price drop dramatically.

    On newegg 2 128GB SSD cost $6,998.00! :O
  17. Um, is it me or does anyone else see no performance benefit from RAID 0 with SSD's?
  18. You guys have too much time on your hands. Geez, it's easy to go to a site and configure a computer to be the most expensive and then sit back and laugh.
  19. Comment,

    There are 2 answers to this.

    First, yes you may be dumb to buy a $16k computer, and,

    Second, if you have $16k to spend (or blow on a computer) in the first place, then you may be smart enough to have made the money elsewhere, hence could easily afford the $16k.

  20. ^and should instead give the money to me so I can buy a new car. :D
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