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OK, I ordered a 8800gt from dell thats supposed to ship Dec 10, the cost was 225 with tax and free shipping. Do you guys think the 8800gt will go down below 225 after Christmas? I know I'll be getting a few gift cards but I don't want to spend them on a 250+ 8800gt when I got one ordered for 225. I want to start gaming more on my pc but I can't guarantee I'll have alot of time to justify 200+ on a video card. Also, I should note that I currently have a hd2600pro. Would I see a big difference in real world performance from the hd2600 to the 8800gt. Thanks
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  1. Not sure what you got exactly. I would assume at that price, you got the new 256mb version? Either way, it is way, way, way faster card than the 2600.
  2. Plus that's not too harsh of a price difference for the performance that u'll get... That's like what? 7-8 fast food meals...? Just eat less and play more for a month and u'll be fine :pt1cable:
  3. I think you got an excellent price on the 8800GT and no I don't believe the price will drop below $225 in Jan 2008.

    The card is still in great demand with many places that still lists it as "out of stock".
  4. Chipset HD 2600 PRO

    process (Die size) 0,065 µ
    transistor count 390 Mio.
    memory options 512 MB
    Core frequency 600
    Memory frequency (eff.) 1000
    steam processors 120
    Memory Bus (bit) 128
    memory type DDR2
    data bus AGP 4x, 8x
    RAMDAC 2x400MHz

    GeForce 8500 GT runs at 450 MHz and accesses its 256 MB DDR2 memory at 800 MHz (400 MHz transferring two data per clock cycle) thru a 128-bit interface, so it can access its memory at a maximum transfer rate of 12.8 GB/s.

    It has only 16 shader processors running at 900 MHz (GeForce 8600 GT and GTS has 32 shader processors).

    That help ya?!
  5. You could probably get $250 or more on ebay for the 8800gt right now, so keep it! Just remember you need to have at least 28a on the 12v rail, according to nVidia. That means your PSU needs to be up to the task, so take that into consideration. There about 1k people right now that would buy that 8800gt off ya, so hang on and enjoy it!
  6. It's actually the 512mb version from MSI, I ordered it from dell and its supposed to ship on 12/10. I noticed some people on ebay are trying to sell theirs with the exact ship date as mine. As far as the amperage I have a 380W sparkle with 2 12v rails 1 at 18A and the other at 16A. Think that will work? If not, I know I'm getting a newegg giftcard for christmas, I might be buying that antec earthwatts 500 I've been wanting.
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