I can't compile my CUDA code

Hello, I've made some code on cuda and I have one single compilation error:

" ParalelComplexity.h(14): error: invalid redeclaration of type name "Complexo"
(14): here"

This is a header file, where I have the class "Complexo". The compiler says that it is redifined, but I've already changed to another name, I've inserted it in a namespace, however, nothing worked. Can anyone help me? Thank you!
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  1. Without seeing the code - no.
  2. You may need to adjust the namespace of your project in it's core properties file to 'reset' the namespace in the additional files bundled with the project that no-one ever looks at.

    ZIP the folder first, just in case.

    (... and yes, I know this from rather painful experience ...)
  3. Well, I didn't try that... But now I've done the code all from the beginning because I was ruuning out of time.

    Thanks for the help anyway!
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