My Final Upgrade Before PCI-E HELP ME!!

2.8ghz processor
Windows XP
1G Ram
Nvidia 6600


I have run into yet another problem with picking out a graphics card that is THE BEST for AGP I Really don't feel like upgrading right now since I don't have the money to do so. What I need help with is what is the best card that i can get for my computer still on AGP from ATI that will run all the new games good...I currently have a Nvidia 7950GT on Order with but they say its still out of stock and for all i know it might be out for a long time.

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  1. Why do you have the PCI-e 7950GT if you have only AGP?
  2. the 7950 is available as an AGP card. At least, it was once, not sure if there are any floating around anymore.

    Suggestion for OP: Wait and see if they release the 38x0s in AGP flavor, then go for those. I myself am sitting on a 6600GT myself and I am waiting. If they don't, I'm probably going with a 2600XT (I will be giving this machine away in May to a friend and building a new PCIE machine then).
  3. The best AGP card currently available is the X1950 XT, but the new Radeon 3850 should be arriving on the AGP scene soon...

    With your 2.8 Ghz processor though, a better, cheaper, and easier to find fit for that system would be a Radeon 2600 XT like OOOwatah suggested. Your CPU is going to bottleneck you a fair amount anyway in newer stuff.
  4. 2.8ghz cpu...that has to be a Pentium. I agree with the rest on the 2600XT, unless you want to spend $200+ on a HD3850.
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