Suggest me a mobo/processor please

Hi All,

Been reading the site for a while, and really need some advise so I am hoping some of the experts on here might be able to assist?

I currently have:
X2 4400
2 x 7900GTX 512mb GFX Cards (SLI)
Zalman 900W PSU

I have noticed of late, a potential bottleneck in the processor side of things, and really need a mobo/RAM/processor upgrade.

I *think*, processor wise, the QX6800 is about as good as I need right now (comments welcome!!) - but am open to suggestion.

Which leaves me with picking a mobo. I have always been an AMD fan up until now, but have decided to go for an Intel as they seem miles better at the moment.

So, I would like some advise or suggestions on a mobo.

I have read the X38 chipset will not support SLI, so thats out of the window at the moment. Ideally I would like bluetooth onboard, and support of SLI.
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  1. As an amd user, I just wanted to let you know the rumors are true. Newegg dropped the price of the 9500 phenom quad core to $200 this morning. I don't recommend it without some serious homework on the current motherboards; just wanted you to know.
  2. Thanks for the input o1die :)
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