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Unable to access external hdd on other computer for backups

I have a desktop pc which is running Windows 7 and I have an external hdd connected through USB 3.0. I also have a laptop running Windows Vista. I have a wireless router that I use to connect the laptop to the internet and both computers are set up on a home network. I was able to share the external hdd and set the permission so the laptop can access it also without using a password. I am able to access any file on the external hdd using my laptop by clicking on network and then desktop and then the external hdd drive letter.

However, the problem is when I try to choose the external hdd for the location to save the laptop backups. I started the backup setup process and was able to browse to the external hdd, but when I choose it another window pops up asking for a user name and password. I never set one up and have the password protection turned off when I set up the sharing on my desktop. I can't find any option for Vista not to ask for those when I try to set the backup location to the shared external hdd. Is there any way around this or do I need to set up a user name and password for Vista to use? Also, is it extremely slow to backup computer over a wireless network? Just wondering if I should just physically connect the external hdd to the laptop when it is time for backups instead of messing with doing it wireless.
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