Please tell me whether esata would be supported

Well i am noob when it comes to hardware.I have been searching for a good external hard drive and found esata to be a good choice.The problem is that i don't know whether my mobo would support it or not.Here are the results that i got from cpu-z.

I would also be grateful if someone could also tell me if i have a usb 2 port and driver or not.Whether my mobo supports it or not.Here is the info that you might need.

I am using a usb mouse and keyboard.Would this pose a hindrance if i use a usb 2 external hard drive.How much time would it take me to transfer 160gb of data from an internal hard disk (IDE) to an external hard drive(USB 2).I would appreciate if someone could tell me the transfer rate as per their own personal experience and not as per the transfer rate published on the box.

LASTLY I would be obliged if the great minds here could shed some light whether esata or usb 2 would be more suitable for me.Please do note that I would only be using the external hard drive only for archiving my data,no regular back ups.
Thanks in advance
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  1. Go for an external USB drive, then you know it works. :) Just make sure it is compatible with both USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 which most good external drives supports today.

    If uncertain of the brand, I would highly recommend Western Digital. Maybe this one might be something for you?

    When you plugin a USB device, your Windows system will give you a yellow baloon message at the bottom of the screen telling you that the device would work faster if it was connected to a USB 2.0 port. If you get no message than I think you can assume that your computer supports USB 2.0 over there. Just make sure to have all the Windows patches installed over there, which today even includes service pack 3.

    (I assume that you are using Windows XP over there, correct me if I'm wrong b.t.w.)
  2. I have an enclosure that is both esata and USB 2.0 (backwards to 1.1). It's a rosewill enclosure with fan. It even comes with an sata to esata bracket for the back of your computer.

    Here is the one I have with a Western Digital 640 GB HDD in it

    All your motherboard needs to support it is an extra SATA port.
  3. Thank you khelben1979 and huron for replying.Had network problem yesterday,hence the delay in replying.
    Khelben1979 you are right.I have windows xp service pack 3 with all the latest patches.
    Huron I am from INDIA.That would mean that I won't have access to the wonderful services that you enjoy (yup I know it sucks).
    I would really appreciate if anyone of you could tell me whether you are using a usb 2.0 external hdd.If yes how much time has it taken you to transfer the largest file that you have ever transfered.
    Isn't there any way to find if my mobo supports esata or usb 2.0 interfaces.I would be so thankful if somebody could help me out on this.(Feeling really depressed for being such a noob,please help)

    That's what an eSATA port looks like. If you don't see one of those on the I/O connector panel of your motherboard, then you don't have eSATA. Far as transfer goes, it takes about 40 minutes for me to transfer 70GB of data via USB 2.0 to a 2.5" 5,400RPM drive.
  5. If you have a spare SATA port on your mobo, the cabinet that huron linked will work, connecting it to a bracket in the back with an eSATA port on it.
  6. Thanks runswindows95 that did help.It turns out that I don't have an esata port on my mobo : ( . Thank GOD I knew about this site.
    jtt283 as I did mention before I am from India and would not be able to get that kind of case at that rate here.The cost of the hard disk and the case that HURON and you mentioned would be costlier that the external hard disk itself,that too from a branded company.(yes the technology is still not cheaper here.You won't believe but high speed internet service is still a privilege here.)

    Well since that counts the esata out of the question,could someone please help me tell whether my mobo supports a usb 1.0 only connection or does it support the usb 2.0 interface also.Waiting for your replies.
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