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CPU uprade + xp SP2 causes reboot loop

I replaced an old AMD CPU & M/B with a new 64-AMD & M/B combo, (Hardware is working fine).
It was a drastic change for the OS to handle, and it caused a reboot loop,
so I reloaded Win XP.

No hassles really, all was well and the hardware & software were playing very nice,
until…I installed SP2.
Then it started into an endless reboot loop, again.

Does anyone know a fix or work around for this.

I would like to get to SP3, but first I need SP2.

I’ve rolled the OS back to pre-SP2 install many times and tried
some stuff, but no matter how I carve this turkey, it still ends up
in a reboot loop when I get to an SP2 or SP3 installation.

I ran into this a few years ago, and as I recall….my solution was to
get a new HD and load Win XP clean.
…But I’d really rather not reload all the software in this rig if I can help it..

So, do any of the gurus at Tom’s have a SP2 reboot-loop solution?

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    You have to perform full format in order to prevent these problems.
  2. After you do, save yourself some trouble. Sp3 includes SP2.
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