sufficient hard drive for vista

I need a hard drive that is fairly quiet for my DAW (digital audio workstation).
1) I'm looking at the WD's is 160GB sufficient enough for vista ultimate 64bit?
2) The higher the cache wont increase noise at all right?

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  1. I would always recommend the Western Digital 640 GB hard drive - it's only $80 with free shipping through today (9/1) at and is quick and quiet

    I'm not sure if that's too expensive, but it's got tons of room, and is a great drive.
  2. kewl, I'll check into that

    I would like to buy a Western Digital 1TB internal hard drive but it would probably be too slow for vista64

    How can I tell if I'm buying a caviar GREEN? looking on newegg I don't see green, blue or black.. is it in the model # or something?
  3. The cache size should have no measurable effect on noise.
    Any of the 7200rpm drives are ok for Vista, and any other OS for that matter. Their performance differences are minor. Get the capacity you need.

    The 10,000 rpm velociraptor will be somewhat faster.
    Surprisingly, the velociraptor is one of the quietest drives when the heat sink is removed. Read about it in ausch30's link to spcr.
  4. Where might I find ausch30 link to spcr?
  5. Here is the spcr velociraptor review :
  6. awsome much appreciated
  7. nate313 said:
    Where might I find ausch30 link to spcr?

    Look up :pt1cable:
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