Digital signal issue with EN 8800 in combination with Samsung SyncMast

Good day to you all,

I got an issue with my EN8800 GTS in combination with my samsun SyncMaster 931Bw. For some kind of reason I cannot get DVI to work, the normal analog works just fine.

Because the EN8800 provides two DVI slots I have to use an adapter to connect the default analog cable. When I remove the adapter and connect the DVI cable I get no picture. The monitor keeps searching for analog or digital signal but finds none.

What I tried sofar:
1 Connect the DVI cable and restart the computer
2 Get the monitor off power and than connect the DVI cable
3 Reduce the refresh rate from 75hz to 60hz
4 Turn around the cable
5 Pushed the source button on the monitor for selecting digital or analog signal.
6 Tried to connect to both DVI slots on the graphic card.

Anyone got some idea's...

Thanks in advance,
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  1. I had the same problem. For some reason beyond me it seams that when I first installed the card I was on my old CRT and because that was the first connection I made It refused to change. A fresh install with a fresh driver clean did the trick with the DVI plugged in. No problems.

    Asus did tell me there is a Vista problem related to the DVI as well might want to call tech support.
  2. Ok thank you I'll try this
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