Problem whith my Asus EN8600 GTS

Hi! I have a problem with my EN8600GTS Silent HCDT 256Mb grafics card. I use Win xp SP2 32-bit, but have a 64-bit processor, Intel core 2 duo (1.66GHz). My motherboard is a MSI P35 NEO2.

The problem apears as a checkerd pattern of green squares when starting games (intro) in all the dark areas of the screen (shadows, black areas and so on). It covers the whole screen in when Im actually playing. It used to show when i played music in mediaplayer (the visual effects) and when playing videofiles too, but has disapeared from those areas when I reinstalled Windows and used newer drivers for the card.

It first appeard when i tried to connect my Tv after about 2-3weeks of ownership. Im worried if I might have damaged it with some small current when connecting. Is that even possible?

Does anyone know what I can do to get rid of this problem?

Any help appreciated!
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  1. This is most commonly refered to as artifacting. The 4 most common causes are and in this order:

    -Lack of the proper power to run the card(That card uses a 12v 18a rail all by itself)
    -Faulty hardware
    -Driver probs

    As for damaging the card yes it is very possible. Most TVs, Stereo, and just about all electronics found in most peoples living rooms are poorly designed. Computers are very sensitive to just about everything. Visual and sound gear is not nearly as much so. Always unplug everything attached to your pc and electronics totally when connecting anything.

    Call the vender of the card and do a trouble shoot and check for min specs and such. If that fails RMA the card. Its likely its not overheating all of a sudden unless you have increased your work load a great deal. Finding a driver cleaner and learning how to do a fresh install of the card from a clean slate is always a great thing to try as well.
  2. Thanx for the reply! I'v been trying to fixs this fore a while now and no one has replyed on Asus own forum.

    Just wondering what RMA means though... havn't got a clue :)

    Thanx again!
  3. RMA = Return Merchandise Authorization

    In other words, get them to honor your warranty and send you a new card.
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