Q9300 or Q6700 ?

I am trying to set up a gaming computer I need some help. I have a Asus P5E3 deluxe Mb, 2) HD3870X2 and 1000 ps . I am trying to pick out a chip and memory this is where I need help. I am looking at Q6700 or Q9300? And what speed of DDR3 should get? I just had a very bad experience trying to get the 2) 3870X2 to work in crossfire on a M3A32-MVP + Phenom 9600 + 4 gb. The master card work good, but when I install the second card I have to removed the video cable from the master and switch to the slave card. In Device manger I only see one card. I have try 2) M3A32-MVP and 3) 3870X2 and I spoke too AMD, ATI & Asus and they all tell me that it should work but it does not. I also try the new drivers I try everything.So as of today I and going to Intell and I and selling my AMD setup on Ebay. Please give me the info so I can just play games and not spend 4 weeks trying to set up 2 video cards. I am new to Intell I have always used AMD for the past 10+ years. Thanks for the help.
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  1. 6700 cost too much, and 9300 only have 3x2mb of l2 cache, less than the older 65nm quads. A better choice would be between Q6600 and Q9450.

    Depends on how far/if you want to overclock, get either p35, x38 chipset motherboards, or 780i if sli is important. p35 and 780i fsb run at 1333mhz and oc reliably to 1600mhz, x38 fsb runs at 1600mhz and oc reliably to 2000+mhz. Q6600/6700 runs at 3.6ghz at 1600mhz fsb. Q9450 runs at 3.2ghz, and Q9300 runs at 3.0ghz at 1600mhz fsb. Right now, Nvidia has the best graphics card in term of performance and bang for the buck. This may change in the future, as ATI and Nvidia historically trade places once in a while. The dual gpu cards (3870x3/9800gx2) will work without crossfire/sli enabled motherboards.
  2. The way crossfireX is able to use more than 2 GPUs is via Vista's Linked Display Adaptor (LDA) Technology. This is why the computer sees only one video card but with 4 GPU's. Vista is making the two cards a single "virtual" graphics card. This is also the reason you can't run crossfireX (or quad sli) in windows XP.

    I'm actually having the same problem with my dual 3870x2 settup as well. Currently Ati will not assist me because the Sapphire 3870x2 version is not on Ait's certified list; nor is my motherboard. Though boxes for both products say crossfire all over them. I have a ticket in with Sapphire at the moment and hopefully they will be able to assist me; I'll try to give you an update if they can find the problem.

    Lastly to your question. The Intel price drop goes into effect on 4/20 (according to many tech sites) and the price of the Q6700 is supposed to drop down to $265. At that price it's clearly a better chip if you aren't concerned about power use and you have proper high end air cooling or better. Though it will really depend on how much you want to push your motherboard.


    400FSB is easily reachable (imo) but the problem is getting a quad much higher as in my experience as well as many others you start to run into problems around the 440-460FSB range. This usually isn't true for dual cores that are easier to run stable with higher FSB values.


    I have the Q6600 and it's a good chip, but I need 444FSB for 4ghz. With the Q6700 you only need 400FSB which I'm already running and extremely stable at that. After the price drop I'll probably pick one up to replace my Q6600. Hopefully I'll get lucky with another good overclocker in the Q6700 since I can't get a stable 444FSB.
  3. Hi thanhs for the info. I am getting the P5E3-Deluxe mb + Q9450 this week so I will let you know if I can get the 2) 3870X2 to work with this setup. Should I use vista 64 or 32? I am on vista 32 now but I will have to reinstall windows with the new setup.
  4. 64 bit all day!

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