Disappearing Administrator's User Account

I created two new user accounts today and after doing so my computer was rebooted, and now I am unable to see the original Administrator as one of the users. So instead of having three (Admin, Guest1, Guest2), I just have two (Guest1 (which is now an admin) and Guest2)

My problem is this: My personal files are on the desktop and in 'my documents' of the Administrator's section. I've checked my computer, and it says that the Administrator still exists, but it's not visible under 'User Accounts' in the control panel, nor is it viewable from the log-in page.

Any ideas how to access it? Or why it may be hidden?

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  1. You can likely still log into it by starting up in Safe Mode.
    (To do this: Power on your computer and start tapping the F8 key at the top of your keyboard rapidly until the Windows Start Menu appears. Then select the Safe Mode menu option and press the Enter key)

    If you don not see the option to logon as Administrator here, then log on as your new admin account and navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator and copy the Desktop Folder (and any other data folders you want) into the C:\Documents and Settings\Guest1 folder.


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