BFG 8800 GTX OC 2 Issues

Hey, this is my first post here, but i generally just read these fourms.

Okay here is my issue maybe someone can help.

I got my 8800 GTX in may 07 and it worked perfectly up untill 2 weeks ago when I had to RMA it. So I get it back and it works perfectly for 2 days. Then after that problems again. Here's what happens, I load up ut3 and I can play it for about 10 to 15 minutes. After that it just starts hitching and by hitching i mean cpu usage goes to 100% and the screen freezes, I hear some ambiet sounds in UT3 for about 10 seconds than it resumes and it keeps doing this. Other games what happens is it will work anywhere from 10 - 30 minutes and it just craps out. Sometimes I get a stop error for a driver, even a few times its crashed back to desktop and the resolution and color is all messed up. Im just really frustrated because I have tried everything and do not know what to do now. Also I should mention that after taking the card out and putting it back in games seem to work longer but after the first crash it just gets worse, untill i reseat it.

Anyways ive checked alot of things inculduing the temperature and the hottest it has gotten is 84C. So its not a heat issue.

Here are my specs
Xp 32 bit
P5n32-E SLI
E6420 @ 2.66GHZ
BFG 8800 GTX OC 2
2 GB Corsair XMS 2 pc8500
PSU Thermaltake Toughpower 750W (Specs on the following link)

Anyways maybe someone here has some ideas for me to try.
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  1. Run a memtest.

    See if there's a new BIOS available for your mobo.

    Check the voltage output of your PSU under load.
  2. There was an update for the bios so i flashed that, and I ran memtest for 5 hours with no errors. I even tried to change the rails for the PSU mine has 4 12v rails. I guess the only option left now would be to RMA it again.
  3. RMA it again and you'll have the same problem. I doubt it's the card if they sent you another already.

    What's the voltage output on those 12v rails?
  4. After rotating the rails im on 2 right now that seem to be working. Been playing crysis for 45 minutes. Im going to keep playing untill it crashes. Also, is there a tool you recomend to show the rail voltage or just the bios i suppose.
  5. you can buy a tool, but a good place to start is speedfan.
  6. The positive 12 volt rail shows 11.71 and the negative shows 16.97 a little high maybe im gonna do some searching
  7. I've had nothing but bad experience with BFG. Got a 7900 GT from them for SLI, which fried in a matter of a few months. RMAed it, and they sent me an 8600 GTS (not the equivalent to the 7900 GT, which would be an 8800GT). To top it off, the metal backing of the card where the DVI ports are was grossly twisted and bent, and it didn't even come in a box, just a plastic sheath. I will never, never, NEVER buy BFG anything again. I'm going to send back this hunk of junk they mailed me, get whatever they'll give me, and ebay it.
  8. I am trying to figuer out why my 8800 GTX BFG OC2E is showing a core clock of 621 MHZ and not 626 MHZ. I asked them why it is not showing up like it should be and they explained the memory cuase I had a brain fart, but skipped the core clock. I asked them about the core clock this morning and they still have not gotten back to me. I will give them a couple of days.
  9. Well I finally got around to trying a differnt card in my system. I put in a 7950 and what do you know no problems. So it indeed looks like I got sent back a bad card from the first RMA.
  10. Anth12, that sucks big time!

    I got a e-mail back from BFG and their respons was "The clock can be a little off when they get shipped out. This happens
    sometimes,...". I will not buy a BFG again becuase of this customer support.
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