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I just connected a new computer that has Windows XP. But the task bar at the bottom of the desktop is not showing. So I can not get to the window to shut down or restart. control panel, all programs, etc. Can you help me find that task bar please. Thank you. Jim
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  1. Click on START> Settings>Taskbar and Start Menu. Uncheck "Auto-hide Taskbar." Is it showing now?

    If it's already unchecked, try dragging your mouse over the taskbar and pulling it up.
  2. Hi

    If the toolbar is unseen in your PC you may not see the start button (as per graywolf reply to you) , to do that press the windows button in your keyboard instead and retry.
    If the toolbar is still hiden, reset the resolution of your monitor in the display properties. (Right click on the desktop - properties - settings - & select a suitable resolution.

    Good luck
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