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Alright i just finished setting up my Swiftech watercooler, (apex kit). My temps went from 63c peak on a tuniq tower 120 @ 3.6 ghz to 50c peak on the water cooling setup. Im using the swiftech MCP655 pump, and i noticed that on the back of it it has numbers that appear to control the power of the pump. It goes 1-5, it came set to 2, im wondering if i increase that will it make my cpu cooler?
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  1. Alright im running an asus maximus formula on the latest 1004 bios and no matter what voltages ive changed i cant my cpu stable with prime95 small ffts. Ive increased every voltage. Btw i was previously stable at 450 x 8 (3.6 ghz) at the same settings, to achieve 4.0ghz with my new watercooler i simply increase the mult to 9.0 and increase the voltage. At 3.6 ghz i was stable at 1.2975v, now even when i increase voltage all the way up to 1.5000v i cant even get prime to run for more than a second. To clarify there is no difference in stability when i go from 1.4000v to 1.5000v and any other voltages (PLL,NB,FSB term) do not help. Could i be running out of power? Im running a 750w PSU. system consists of:

    Q6600 450 x 9.0 1.4000v not stable
    4 gb ddr2 800
    asus maximus formula
    EVGA 8800 GT duorb
    soundblaster x-fi
    2x wd 150 gb raptor x 10,000 rpm RAID0
    Swiftech watercooling kit
  2. Update: at 425 x 9.0 (3.825ghz) at 1.3500v my cpu is running prime 95 small fft's no problem so far. What gives? If i can run 3.8 ghz at 1.3500v why cant i run 4.0 at 1.4000v? or even 1.45000v? This dosnt make any sense please help.
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