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ok i randomly started up my pc and it goes to my desktop then just restarts without doing anything. I dont know what to do. I wana just clean out the hard drive and start fresh but dont know how to do that, and dont know if not being able to do anythin on my desktop will affect that. need answers!
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  1. Not much information to work with, but if you are getting reboots after the computer has run for a few mins., I would look at a few things. First I would check for heat problems, open the side and with a can of compressed air blow out all the dust you can find, CPU's heatsink and fan, Vid cards fan, motherboard. Any dust you can see. 2nd I load the newest drivers. I assume you have defrag the hard drive and have a virus program running.
  2. A fresh install is not a bad idea now and again, need to know what your system is, and what you have on it. Follow that with a list of the software you have discs for. You may have to download some things before you start.
  3. as rdb said, you're not giving us alot of information. if you could tell us a bit more, we might be able to help you more.
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