Worth upgrading 2-x1950xtx to 2-hd3870?

just like the title says. I have the funds to replace my old x1950xtx's. I have both them running in crossfire. I play bioshock, BF2142, Crysis which i cant max out, COD4. I will be selling these 2 cards for $250set if anyone is interested. Really would like to run everything with HDMI output. I have 2 hd3870 reserved for $209ea debating whether cancel the order. I have 2 days

E6600 @ 3.0
2gigs ddr2 800 crucial ballisitx
2 raptors in raid 0
antec 550w power supply
x1950xtx's in crossfire
vista 32bit
run 1600x1200 on 20" dell monitor and 40" sony LCD v-series 1080p 1900x1200

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  1. You can't max out Crysis on two 3870's either. Or two of any card for that matter... especially since it doesn't work with Crossfire at all yet. (to clarify, the game works with crossfire, but it's no faster than it is with one card)

    I'd keep your X1950 XTX's at least until the Crysis crossfire patch comes out...

    ..then again, that's a good price on 3870's. Tough call.
  2. id say just wait for 9xxx series from nvidia, especially if u wanna run crysis on full, or close to it.
  3. Get the 3870. If you can get them for 209 each thats a amazing deal.
    Even 1 3850 can beat the X1950XTX so I would get the 3870. When the drivers come out you get some blazing speeds.
  4. nope keep the 1900s
  5. Thats is a good deal on the 3870's. My only concern is that Crossfire setups (especially higher end ones) tend to be very dependent on the processor. If you could get that processor up to 3.6Ghz, running memory at 1-1 ratio, I think you would really benefit with the 3870's.
  6. I'd say get the 3870's and sell your current cards for about $140ish apiece. No, you won't be able to run Crysis maxed out but right now that's a bit of an unrealistic dream. And who knows when AMD will release their next card?
  7. Hey thanks for your input I guess I will wait till next year.

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